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Accidents in workplaces are not uncommon in Fishers, and Hamilton County, Indiana. You are especially more likely to suffer from serious injuries in your workplace if you deal with hazardous products or work in dangerous locations, like construction sites. The potential dangers of such locations can lead to severe injuries. Thankfully, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits if you get into a car accident or truck accident if it is related to your job. 

An experienced work accident attorney in Fishers, IN can help you understand the legal process of filing for workers’ compensation. 

It should be noted that an injured person can also file a personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party to pursue compensation for their work injuries. Schedule a free consultation with RileyCate LLC personal injury law firm, to learn more about your options. Our injury lawyers serve clients from all over Indiana, including Marion County, Hamilton County, Madison County, Hancock County, Boone County, Tipton County, and other central Indiana locations. 

What Should Someone Do After A Work Accident?

The steps the injured take after their workplace accident could have an impact on the compensation they receive for their personal injuries. Here is what an injured person should do if they have experienced a work-related injury and want the best chance of receiving a fair settlement. 

Get Medical Care

Get medical treatment for the injuries you suffered as soon as possible after the accident. While you’re at the hospital, request a copy of your medical records to help calculate the extent of your expenses. The expenses for physical therapy and medical bills will be needed for your injury lawyer to calculate the total damages you suffered to get a fair settlement from the insurance company if you need to file a personal injury claim. 

Report the Accident to Your Employer

Once you’ve received immediate medical attention, inform your employer of the accident and the injuries you sustained. The general rule is to report the injuries caused by the work accident as soon as possible.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you want to know about your legal rights, personal injury lawsuits, or workers’ compensation benefits, you need to hire an experienced team of Indiana attorneys. Your personal injury lawyer will take care of all the paperwork for a personal injury claim, including writing a demand letter to the insurance adjuster. They would also be responsible for the task of collecting evidence to prove the full extent of your damages. 

We also provide legal representation to clients who experienced medical malpractice, among other things. Call our law firm for a free case review in Hamilton County, or surrounding counties.

RileyCate LLC – Work Accident Law Firm

If you or a family member of yours experienced a work accident that was caused by the negligence of a third party, you can contact our injury lawyers to start your personal injury claim. Our lawyers give personal attention to each case. Schedule a free consultation with our law firm today for your car accident claim in Hamilton County or surrounding counties. 

About RileyCate, LLC

RileyCate LLC is an Indiana personal injury law firm that serves clients with personal injury cases such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, construction injuries, premises liability, and product liability. We can help you win the full and fair compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering you endured because of the negligence of the other party in the Indianapolis area. We would gather evidence on your behalf, file the paperwork, investigate the accident, calculate total damages, negotiate with the insurance company and even represent you in court, should that be required. We uphold the principles of the attorney-client relationship. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims in Indiana?

The statute of limitations for workers compensation and personal injury cases like car accidents in Indiana is 2 years from when the injury occurred. The injured could run the risk of having their case dismissed if they fail to file a claim within these 2 years, although there are some exceptions to this rule. Contact injury attorneys to know more about your rights as an injured person. 

What damages can you recover from work accident cases?

You can recover money for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, or any other damages caused by the negligent party. 

How much do workers’ compensation attorneys cost?

Attorneys specializing in work accidents cases charge on a contingency fee basis, so they will take a fixed percentage of the fee from the total compensation you receive from the insurers. The percentage depends on the facts of the case and there is no fixed fee in personal injury cases like these. 

If you have any other queries or issues, our legal staff would be more than happy to answer them. You can contact us and schedule a free consultation and we will immediately get started on your case.