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Truck accidents are among the most devastating types of vehicle accidents. A truck is far larger and heavier than other vehicles on the road, which means that it is capable of causing far greater destruction in an accident. Anyone unfortunate enough to be in a truck accident is likely to face serious personal injuries that require extensive medical care, a heavily damaged vehicle that needs expensive repairs or a complete replacement, and they may be unable to work while they recover or for the rest of their lives. All of this does not contemplate other considerations such as the mental and emotional trauma a tragic truck accident can cause. 

Fortunately, if you experienced a truck accident in Indianapolis that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. If you want to maximize your recovery, then you should consider contacting the attorneys at RileyCate, LLC. We are an Indianapolis law firm that covers a wide range of practice areas, including truck accidents. All of our attorneys are highly knowledgeable and experienced, so any of them can help you with your case. 

Our attorneys can help you with every aspect of your truck accident case, from filing your injury claim, calculating your total expenses, and negotiating with the insurance company of the trucking company to make sure that they make a fair settlement offer. Our attorneys are experienced litigators so when it is necessary to file a lawsuit, our attorneys are prepared to work hard for you. If  you or a loved one has been injured in an Indianapolis truck accident, then contact RileyCate, LLC to discuss the case.

Common Reasons Why Truck Accidents Happen

There are many different reasons why trucks get into accidents; some of them are for the same reasons why drivers of regular vehicles get into accidents and some of them are unique to trucks. The following are some of the more common causes of truck accidents:

Speeding – Speed kills when it comes to car accidents, and the same goes for truck accidents. A speeding truck is especially dangerous because the stopping distance of a truck is longer than that of a regular vehicle. The stopping distance increases when a truck is speeding. When you combine the size and weight of a semi with its excessive speed, this equals heavy destruction at an accident scene.

Truck Accident

Driving Under the Influence – Although truck drivers are heavily regulated, instances of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol do occur. Impaired semi drivers can have slow judgment and reaction times. Impaired judgment and slower reaction times means that truck drivers cannot react properly in an emergency situation or could make the wrong decision when they do react. 

Distracted Driving – This is a danger because when a driver takes their eyes off the road, their hands off the steering wheel, or their mind off the task of driving, then it could lead to a collision. That is why texting while driving is so dangerous because it combines all three types of distractions into one activity.

Fatigued Driving – Truckers tend to drive for long periods of time without rest, which can lead to fatigue. A tired driver may periodically drift off to sleep, which increases the chance that they might cause an accident. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) limits the amount of continuous hours that a driver can work. However, some drivers may ignore those rules and drive for longer periods than they should.

Poorly Loaded Cargo – If a semi trailer is too heavy, this can affect the vehicle’s balance. Improper balance for a semi can affect its handling. If the driver is not able to maintain proper control of the semi because the trailer was poorly loaded or is overloaded, then that could increase the chances of an accident occurring. Additionally, cargo that is improperly secured or falls off of a trailer can crash into other vehicles causing substantial injuries or death.

Equipment Failure – There are many different pieces of equipment that are crucial for a truck to operate at peak efficiency. Parts like the steering mechanism, brakes, tires, and more all need to be in top condition. If any of them fail while the truck is being driven, then that could lead to an accident.

Poor Weather Conditions – Conditions like rain or snow can cause low visibility and slippery roads, both of which increase the chance that an accident could happen.

How an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

One of the problems with a truck accident is that the injured person may have fight with a trucking company or its commercial insurance carrier, rather than an individual. Another potential problem is that the injured driver often times is not trained to identify liability for the correct party at fault.  The trucking company is usually to blame if driver error was the cause of the accident; however, if an equipment malfunction was the cause of the accident, then the company that manufactured the defective part could be held liable. Additionally, there may be more than one party liable for the accident making it important to ensure the accident and responsible parties are thoroughly investigated. A failure to properly investigate a truck accident may leave a significant amount of compensation unpaid.

If imbalanced or overloaded cargo was the cause of the accident, then the party responsible for loading the trailer could be responsible. Needless to say, there are many possible offenders in a truck accident, and it can be difficult to find out which one is responsible without the help of a truck accident attorney. Not only can an attorney pinpoint the at-fault party, they can also gather evidence that proves the liability of the at-fault party, help you to file your injury claim, calculate all of your expenses, and negotiate with the insurance company of the at-fault party on your behalf.

If it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit against the liable party, then your attorney will help you with that too.

Contact RileyCate, LLC When You Need an Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer

We know how devastating a truck accident can be, which is why we are dedicated to helping anyone who has been in such an accident with their financial recovery. Any of the attorneys of RileyCate, LLC can help truck accident victims find out who was responsible for the accident and hold them accountable. We will also give accident victims the best chance they have of getting the compensation that they need. So, if you were injured in an Indianapolis truck accident, then contact our Indianapolis injury lawyer to get the help you need.

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