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Gas Stove With 3 elements WorkingProduct liability is among the most complicated of personal injury. As consumers, we litigate purchase products with the expectation that they will work as intended and not cause us any harm. When the manufacturer or distributor fails to exercise a reasonable duty of care, causing someone to be injured, the victim can take legal action, not only for themselves but any other potential victims of the product. 

Serious injuries because of a defective product may justify a liability case against the negligent party. Before you file a claim, it’s best to hire a product liability lawyer in Fishers, IN. Product liability lawyers are not afraid to hold the at-fault parties accountable. 

If you need a product liability lawyer, schedule a free consultation with RileyCate LLC. We have been serving Fishers, Indiana, and surrounding areas for years and have the experience to handle these complicated cases.

What is Product Liability Law?

Product liability is a type of personal injury case that occurs when a person suffers injury or illness because of a defective product. Dangerous products get on store shelves because of the negligence of the manufacturer or the distributor. In either case, you are owed a reasonable duty of care by the manufacturer and distributor.  If this duty is violated in any way, you can hold the responsible party accountable. 

There are three types of defects that can cause injury to a person:

  • Manufacturing defect: This is when the defect was overlooked by the manufacturer. For instance, the contents of a pre-packaged salad kit could become contaminated with salmonella and then put on store shelves and a consumer becomes violently ill.
  • Defects in design: This is when the product has been manufactured correctly, but there is a flaw in the design that could cause harm. For example, an airbag that injures drivers or passengers when deployed.
  • Failure to Warn: This is when the manufacturer fails to provide customers with proper instructions about how to use a product safely. It also happens if the manufacturer fails to provide adequate warning about a product’s potential hazards.

If you have suffered injuries due to any of the defects mentioned above, you can hold the manufacturer accountable for their oversight or deliberate negligence. Before taking legal action, consult product liability attorneys for experienced legal representation. They will inform you of the steps to take to recover compensation for your injuries or illness in Indiana. Contact the RileyCate LLC law firm to speak to a product liability lawyer. 

Proving Negligence in Products Liability Case 

To recover damages for your losses in product liability cases, you have to determine which party was negligent and how they were negligent. You can only do so by establishing certain facts. Here are four things you have to prove to win product liability claims.  

  1. The at-fault party owes you a reasonable duty of care 
  2. The at-fault party failed to provide you with a reasonable duty of care 
  3. Due to the failure to provide a duty of care, you suffered injury or illness
  4. You suffered damages and losses because of the at-fault party’s negligence 

You need to provide adequate evidence of the elements mentioned above to win product liability cases. To gather evidence, you will need the assistance of product liability lawyers who have experience in fighting and winning cases. 

The product liability lawyers of RileyCate LLC have for years been trying and settling product liability personal injury claims and helping our clients recover compensation for their losses.

RileyCate LLC – Indianapolis Product Liability Attorneys 

Personal injury law firms like RileyCate LLC can help their clients win their product liability claims. From car manufacturing defects to food poisoning to defective pharmaceutical drugs to baby products, our lawyers have fought and won defective product claims for our clients. Defective items have the potential to hurt a lot of people, but a product liability claim can get them off store shelves or require proper warnings be placed on labels. 

If you have been hurt because of a company’s negligence, schedule a consultation with our product liability lawyers to file a claim. We can help you with all kinds of personal injury cases, like car accidents or premises liability.