Medical Malpractice Attorney Fishers, IN

Doctor WorkingMalpractice is a breach of the standard of care of the medical services that were provided or should have been provided to a patient. In America, medical errors are the third leading cause of death, resulting in more than 250,000 deaths each year. The most common errors reported in medical malpractice claims are emergency room errors, anesthesia errors, missed diagnosis, medication errors, surgical mistakes, and birth injuries. 

If your medical providers provided you with sub-standard care that resulted in temporary or permanent injury, then you need to get experienced medical malpractice representation. If you have expensive medical bills caused by malpractice, you need to contact Fishers medical malpractice lawyers for help.

In Fishers, RileyCate, LLC and its team of attorneys or healthcare providers frequently represent individuals who have suffered negligence at the hands of their doctor while seeking treatment. With decades of experience and recognition from the Indianapolis bar association, our law firm has lawyers who have managed to secure billions of dollars in fair compensation for our clients.

Why It’s Important To Hire An Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney in Fishers

In Fishers, IN, medical malpractice cases are often more complicated than other personal injury cases. Medical and healthcare professionals have to undergo special training and years of education to ensure that they are well-qualified and able to treat diseases, illnesses, and various injuries. However, even the most experienced professionals cannot avoid bad outcomes. In these cases, you should be compensated for your pain and suffering and other damages. 

However, this does not mean that recovering fair compensation is easy in Indiana. The onus of proving medical malpractice falls on you. This is where a medical malpractice attorney becomes extremely beneficial. 

A medical malpractice lawyer will help you prove:

  • The plaintiff was owed a duty of care by the medical professional. 
  • That duty of care was violated by the professional, and they did not follow the relevant standard of care. 
  • The violation of the duty was the primary cause of the plaintiff’s injury. 
  • The plaintiff suffered significant damages. 

Over the years, the insurance industry has invested millions in pressuring states to adopt special legislation to help protect doctors. While the official argument given is to help rule out baseless medical malpractice cases, the truth is that the companies would like to limit the amount awarded to the victims of malpractice. In Indiana, you need to hire a medical malpractice attorney who can help you with your claim. 

Enlist the help of RileyCate LLC and our Indiana medical malpractice attorneys to increase the chances of winning your case. Here’s what we will do for you:

  • Our lawyers in Indiana investigate the doctor’s failure in providing the necessary standard of care 
  • We determine the cause of your injury and identify who was at fault. 
  • Your medical malpractice attorney will consult with medical experts to help build a strong case. 
  • We work to get you the compensation from the at-fault parties. 
  • We will provide you with legal advice if the defendant is trying to pressure you into accepting a lower amount. 
  • We will represent you in court if that becomes necessary. 

RileyCate LLC – Indiana Medical Malpractice Attorney

When you realize that your trusted health care provider has failed to carry out their duties which led to malpractice, the experience can be traumatic and overwhelming. 

You do not have to be alone in dealing with all of this. Contact an Indiana medical malpractice attorney from RileyCate, LLC, and we will fight for your rights and try our hardest to get you the compensation you deserve. Our attorney does in-depth research and collects substantial evidence to prove the medical professional’s negligence. Our Indiana medical malpractice lawyer is also prepared to take your case to court if necessary. 

Our partners, Russell B. Cate and William N. Riley, based in Indiana, have been bestowed with prestigious honors from the Indianapolis bar association and have been selected to Indiana Super Lawyers and Top 100 Trial Lawyers. 

With his wide web of networks across the state of Indiana, Russell B. Cate built his practice from the ground up, and his efforts have been recognized by organizations like Indiana super lawyers and Indiana State Bar Association. William N. Riley has been practicing law ever since graduating in 1989 and has since won accolades from Indianapolis Bar Association and been selected by Indiana Super Lawyers as a recognition of his unparalleled ethics and quality of representation. 

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