Reducing a Traffic Violation’s Impact on Your Commercial Driver’s License

25th August 2021

Driver Safety Programs (DSP) exist to assess a driver’s ability to control a vehicle and respond appropriately to changing traffic conditions. You could increase the points on your driving record by getting a ticket for a traffic violation such as speeding or other moving violation. Points on a driving record may affect insurance rates or increase the risk of a suspension of your driver’s license. The driver safety program has been widely used to reduce the points on a motorist’s driving record and help avoid license suspensions. Completing a DSP may be accomplished once every 3 years. Completing the DSP helps to reduce the amount of points on your driving record by 4 points.

RileyCate, LLC attorneys frequently receive inquires about whether a DSP is applicable to individuals who hold a Commercial Driver License (CDL). A CDL is a license used to operate commercial vehicles such as buses, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers. A DSP is not appropriate for CDL drivers to receive a 4-point credit on their driving record. CDL drivers, however, do have the ability to avail themselves of the Truck Driver Safety Program. 

Indiana offers such a safety program exclusively for CDL drivers to (1) satisfy a BMV requirement, (2) to satisfy a court order, and (3) to earn a 4-point credit on your driving record. If you have a traffic violation such as a speeding ticket, moving violation, or other traffic citation the attorneys at RileyCate, LLC can help you navigate the complexities of traffic safety law. Contact Us Now to schedule an appointment to speak with a RileyCate attorney about your traffic violation!