RileyCate, LLC, along with five other law firms, have negotiated a $2.2 billion class wide settlement with Monsanto

04th February 2021

RileyCate, LLC attorneys William Riley and Russell Cate represent class representatives Aaron Sheller, of Noblesville, Indiana and Kabe Cain of Lula, Georgia for claims involving medical monitoring for exposure to Roundup ® related products.

A summary of the Benefits to class members over a include:

Compensation: Up to $200,000 for those with exposure to Roundup® and diagnosed with NHL. The next of kin of deceased with exposure to Roundup® who qualify for benefits may apply for a payment. A $50 million fund will also be established to provide for payments above $200,000 in extraordinary circumstances;

Medical Evaluations: Class members who have not been diagnosed with NHL may be eligible for NHL evaluations at no cost. Areas where quality healthcare is not readily available will be prioritized to expand access to NHL diagnostic evaluation for the most at-risk and underserved populations. If the evaluation results in an NHL diagnosis, the Class Member may also make a claim for a monetary award;

Research: The research funding program will fund medical and scientific research into diagnosis and treatment of NHL;

Product Labeling: Monsanto will request permission from the EPA to add a reference link on Roundup® product labels to certain scientific information about Roundup® and NHL;

Free Legal Services Program: Provides settlement class members with free legal advice, including assistance with filing a claim and understanding all of their rights and options. This is available to all class members after final approval of the Settlement by the Court;

Comprehensive Notice Program: Class members are diverse and widespread. The comprehensive notice program was designed following extensive research and information-gathering to understand class members’ geographic concentration, as well as the communication channels by which they receive and share information. This research included a survey, interviews, and extensive analysis of U.S. government data. The resulting program is multifaceted, utilizing several communications channels and languages to reach class members.

Class Member Aaron Sheller, a partial owner of Sheller Farms, LLC says “[f]or 15 years I sprayed 500 to 1,000 gallons of Roundup® on farmland wearing only gloves because there was never any warning to wear additional protective gear.  Although I have thankfully not been diagnosed with NHL, I am at a higher risk for future development. It is comforting to know this settlement will provide protections for me and many others in my situation.”

RileyCate, LLC continues to work hard to advance the interests of its clients and is excited to have obtained this result for the class members.