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DUI is considered to be a serious traffic offense in Indiana and the rest of the country and could reflect poorly on your license. The only way you can protect yourself from the DUI/ DWI law in Indiana is to avoid drinking and driving, But if you get caught, you should hire an experienced defense attorney and have them represent you. Hiring a DUI attorney and having them negotiate with the deputy prosecutor on your behalf could help you avoid the worst penalties. 

If you need a DUI attorney, contact RileyCate LLC. We provide legal services in Fishers, Indiana and have years of experience. Once you hire us, we will educate you on the whole legal process and procedures of criminal law and work to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced. Contact us and schedule a free consultation with us now in Hamilton County, Marion County, Madison County, Hendricks County, Hancock County, and Boone County.

What Is DUI / DWI Law?

The driving under the influence (DUI), aka driving while intoxicated (DWI) laws deal with motorists who engage in drunk driving and pose a huge risk on the roads. Alcohol can impair the judgment and reasoning of a person, as well as their mental and physical faculties. They could threaten the life or property of others in that condition, which is why state and federal governments impose heavy penalties on those who engage in DUI in Fishers, or other traffic and criminal violations in Hamilton County, Indiana. 

If you get charged with DUI for traffic violations or other offenses, you could face serious repercussions, such as a criminal sentence, in the form of jail, a fine, or in mild cases, community service. You could also run the risk of having your license suspended by the court. The degree of penalty would depend upon the severity of the offense. DUI lawyers can help defend you against the charges. With an experienced DUI lawyer, you could get the charges dismissed or reduced without having to do all the paperwork and legwork. 

Schedule a free consultation now with us if you need a solid criminal defense in Fishers.

How Is A Criminal DUI Lawyer Useful? 

A criminal DUI lawyer can be useful in many ways. They could investigate the case and find ways to defend your actions. While they may not always be able to have the charges dismissed, they can certainly try to have the penalty reduced. 

To persuade the judge or the jury, you’d need an expert negotiator. RileyCate LLC – a personal injury law firm, can provide you with an adept criminal DUI lawyer, thanks to our years of experience in representing new clients charged with DUI. From start to finish, we will have your back and ensure that your interests are always prioritized. Schedule a free consultation with us now in Fishers for legal counsel in criminal cases. We also deal in family law in Hamilton County and Indiana.

RileyCate LLC – Criminal Law Firm and DUI Attorney in Fishers

RileyCate LLC is a personal injury and criminal defense firm with years of experience. We provide legal consultation and representation in Fishers for several practice areas, including personal injury and DUI. In our legal career, we have participated in the recovery of billions and defended thousands of criminal cases for our clients. 

In our years of experience, we understand just how damaging DUI charges can be. Therefore, we dedicate all our resources and knowledge to protecting the interests of clients charged with DUI and other criminal offenses. 

We provide you with help in evading serious penalties that Hamilton County and Fishers prosecutors impose on people who violate state traffic laws. At the consultation, we will brief you on everything that you can expect from us. We will educate you on all your legal options, so you can make an informed decision. Through a series of discussions, we devise a defense strategy and direct all our efforts to get your charges reduced or dismissed. Schedule a consultation with us now to discuss your criminal offense. Our related practice areas include all kinds of personal injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does a DUI lawyer cost in Indiana?

In our years of experience, DUI lawyers can cost slightly higher than those who fight minor misdemeanor charges. The starting fee of a DUI lawyer varies but could be in excess of $5000 depending upon the complexity of the case.

How long will it take to have a DUI case concluded?

In first-time offenses, you could have your average DUI case concluded in two to six months if you hire experienced attorneys. The duration will increase if the case is complicated, or based upon the caseload of Fishers and Hamilton County prosecutors.

In DUI cases, time is of the essence. Contact RileyCate, LLC for legal representation on your case.